Blog+ : Powerful Email + Content Marketing Plugin

Blog+ Leverage Subscribers With 20 - 40% CTR - 1
Blog+ Leverage Subscribers With 20 - 40% CTR - 2

Ultimate Features

Blog+ Leverage Subscribers With 20 - 40% CTR - 3

The Powerful WordPress Content + Email Marketing Plugin

Blog+ is a powerful handy plugin to beat the competition to enroll the quality traffic
to your website and boost up your products or service sales & marketing.
This is a must have tool for every online business, whether you’re running a micro blog
or an ecommerce site. Amazing fact about this plugin is to generate the most targeted
traffic for FREE without spending a single penny for it.

  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Send wordpress content in 2-min
  • Use mailchimp for FREE
  • Connect with your subscriber in seconds
  • Get 20-40% Click Through Rate
  • Tested & Trusted By itself

Easy to use

  • Tested with 4.8+ version of wordpress
  • Works out of the box with every wordpress theme
  • Can integrate with any existing wordpress system

Mobile Responsive

  • Fully mobile optimized template
  • Follow footprints easily
  • Awesome button & design looks
  • Place Advertisement

Awesome Backend

  • Manage Different Assets
  • Manage All Content
  • Demo Video Available
  • Connect with us for any issue

*You can also contact us for any premium changes as per your custom requirements



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