Drop Hunt – Choose top Products from 7 Marketplaces for Dropshipping Business

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Drop Hunt allows you to easily import any top-rated products from 7 marketplaces like Alibaba, AliExpress, Taobao, Shopee, Lazada, PrestoMall, and directly into your desktop then you can export to WooCommerce store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks. You can start your AliExpress, Alibaba and other 5 marketplaces dropshipping business as well using affiliate programs of these market places.


Drop Hunt has used the best Algorithm to find 1000+ top-rated products from the top 7 Marketplaces 



That is easy to find the best selling products to Sell & Profit With A Few Clicks Only in Dropshipping Business!

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Features for automation of your Drop Hunt – Dropshipping Business

  • Import any products from All 7 Marketplaces – easily import products from,, and other 5 marketplaces directly into your desktop and then to export to your store.
  • Product variations – offer different variations of your products for different marketplaces.
  • Exports into different file types – easily can export into different file types like xlxs, CSV, and woocommerce CSV format.
  • Download Product Photos By Folder into your local computer
  • Read the Rating Algorithm – Drop Hunt will analyze algorithms for all popular marketplaces and provide you with a complete analysis.
  • Save Product Image – No need to laboriously search for images on Google, all of them continue to download from the Drop Hunt software with 1 click.
  • Download Analysis – With just one click you can download a complete analysis of popular products in the form of excel & CSV for your use.
  • 35 Product Filters – You can filter the products according to the 18 filters provided in the system to get the best product.
  • Niche Categories – You can select the niche and category you want to sell. We provide a wide variety of niche categories.
  • Accurate data – All data is taken live from every popular marketplace and is 100% accurate for your trend analysis.


 Demo Videos

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   migrate from drophunt

   migrate from drophunt

   migrate from drophunt

   migrate from drophunt

   migrate from drophunt

   migrate from drophunt


 Common features in All Marketplaces

  • Save images of product
  • Export Data in CSV, Excel
  • Get top Product by keywords
  • Top products by Category 


Features Specification by Marketplaces 

What will we receive after purchasing your Drop Hunt license?

  • Updates & Fixes – We will always update & update errors that occur in the system based on your feedback.
  • Support & Feedback – We provide support via item support and email for all users to provide updates.
  • Tutorial Provided – Drop Hunt is very easy to use, but we still provide tutorials and videos for you.



  • Windows: No installation needed, just launch the .exe file
  • Mac: Install the .dmg file and launch the app
  • Linux: Install the .deb file and launch the app



  • The executable files for Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Your license key allows you to install the software for 1 use or instance, if you need more, contact me
  • 6 months support for free by emails, not in the comments



Please read the documentation first.
Send me a message by email for any support request after your purchase.
For other inquiries, you can also send me an email, or just post a comment on the item’s page.
If a feature doesn’t work, I will fix it as soon as possible.
Let me know by email if you have any problem or even any improvement suggestions.
You can find my email in the documentation.


  • This application is not associated with Any above-mentioned marketplaces.
  • Some Marketplaces will not work while using VPN or any proxies.
  • I’m not responsible for the use you make of this application with your very own user id, if you get banned, it is your own responsibility.
  • Any major modification of above marketplaces websites may affect the software features, I will try to fix those as fast as possible.


Change Log

Drop Hunt Version v4.3.0 (10/07/2020)

 Fixed issues :
         # Shopee errors  

Drop Hunt Version v4.2.7 (11/06/2020)

 Update :
         # Shopee price column format as web price format  
 Fixed issues  :
          # Shopee Follow and Unfollow 
          # menu drawer filter selection 
New added
          # show shop Name and price range in shopee
          # Multi column product images in xlxs and csv export

Drop Hunt Version 4.2.4 (23/05/2020)

Added Shopee V2 (Web based product scraping)
Added Browser based search
Added Translate to English to AliExpress and
 Now Support all Shopee sites to fetch products 
 Now Support all Lazada sites to fetch products 
Add multi image and full description support in 1688
  # add woocommerce support in lazada
  # add web pages scraping in lazada
  # add all lazada sites support
fixed: Shopee follow and unfollow 
Now exact user can fetch exact product count
fixed: Lazada top product fetch 

Drop Hunt Version 3.4.7 (27/04/2020)

*Minor bugs fixed


Drop Hunt Version 2.3.2 (06/04/2020)

*Initial release



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