The Best Nutrition Calculating Meal Building Plugin on the Internet

A meal builder and nutrition calculator that allows your users to create and share meals by selecting ingredients from categorizes lists. All ingredients have easily defined nutrition attributes which are summed in the meal totals.

Users can easily share the healthy meals they have built on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Great for restaurants, gyms, nutritionists, yoga studios and health improvement websites.

jQuery Build A Meal - Nutrition Calculator Plugin - 1

jQuery Build A Meal - Nutrition Calculator Plugin - 2

Simple Plugin Demo

Take a look at the plugin with no theme, WordPress or other external CSS or JavaScript.

Demo >

WordPress Build A Meal Plugin

Looking for the WordPress version?

Build A Meal WordPress Plugin >

Plugin Documentation

Checkout the CSS and JavaScript of the jQuery Build A Meal plugin and see how easy it is to install!

jQuery Plugin Documentation >



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