GERMAN V SLICER – Kitchen supply store

Kitchen supply store

GERMAN V SLICER – Kitchen supply store

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লাইনে অর্ডার করতে প্রথমে অর্ডার নাও বাটন এ ক্লিক করুন।

তারপর নিচের ফরমটি পূরন করে সাবমিট করতে হবে,তাহলেই আপনার অর্ডার সম্পূন্ন হবে।

কল করে অর্ডার করতে পারেন এই নম্বরে ঃ 01911 313242

ঢাকার বাহিরে পন্য অর্ডারের ক্ষেএে আমরা ২০০ টাকা আগ্রীম বিকাশ নিয়ে থাকি। এই আগ্রীম ২০০ টাকা পন্যের মূল দাম থেকে কর্তন করা হবে ।

আমাদের বিকাশ নাম্বার ঃ 01746482447 (পারসোনাল বিকাশ নাম্বার)


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GERMAN V SLICER – Kitchen supply store :

Kitchen supply store Fast, Easy and Safe. The German V Slicer Slices, Dices, Chops & Juliennes. 

The German V Slicer Plus is the ultimate kitchen supply store Fast. You will wonder how you ever got along without it. Made in Germany, utilizing high quality plastics and surgical grade steel, this mandoline slicer is a durable and high-quality device. The German V-Slicer Plus comes complete with an ergonomic handle, locking blade inserts (10mm for julienne and chopping & 3.5mm for julienne and dicing), an insert for thick and thin slicing, a safety food pusher/holder and a space-saving storage caddy. It slices, dices, chops, juliennes, and shreds any kind of fruit or vegetable. This easy to use a slicer, you are guaranteed professional results every time. Just set it to your desired cut and slide your foot back and forth along the guide plate, using the safety holder. Your food will be uniformly sliced and chopped with speed and precision every time.

commercial kitchen equipment :

The convenient caddy on the German V Slicer Kitchen supply store can be hung on the wall or placed upright on the kitchen counter for storage. Made of durable plastic this storage device keeps everything together and out of the way. It holds all of the attachments and keeps the blades covered for increased safety. When stored the entire unit measures 15″ long, and 6″ wide.

Stop slicing your fruits and vegetables by hand. Do it faster, easier and safer with the German V-Slicer Kitchen supply store. This is an inexpensive alternative to a professional stainless-steel mandoline. You will be able to cut your food preparation time and create elegant meals in less time with this versatile slicing tool. The superior construction and specially designed, razor-sharp blades make this slicer easy to use. With its a unique design and multiple cutting inserts, you get perfect slices, dices, and chops every time. Any fruit or vegetable is cut with little effort. Slice onions, tomatoes, oranges and more with perfect, uniform results. Cut french fries, carrot sticks, or cheese sticks. It also shreds cabbage and neatly dices potatoes, tomatoes, and onions.

How to used :

To use the German V Slicer Kitchen supply store Plus, just slide your selected insert into the V-Frame as it locks in place with a click. On the Julienne inserts, the metal blades will face outwards or towards the V-Frame blade. Select either the large or small blade to julienne, chop, and dice. With neither julienne insert installed you can slice normally. Put your fruit or vegetable on the safety holder using the metal prongs, then simply slide the food back and forth for perfect, uniform slicing, dicing, chopping and julienning.

Cut thick slices of apple for pies, or tomatoes for sandwiches and burgers. Slice potatoes thinly for homemade chips, or shred cabbage or lettuce for coleslaw and salads. Create Asian-style vegetable dishes, vegetable sticks for a dip tray, or just enhance everyday meals with this safe and efficient food slicer and You’ll get even, precise results and it’s more efficient than hand slicing. Great for layered casseroles and side dishes, chopped salads and beautiful garnishes., biomanix capsule price in bangladesh (01911 313242)

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