Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Revo flex

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Revoflex Xtreme Full Body Workout Machine- Multicolor
Easy, effortless and more intense ab workout with the Revoflex Xtreme, with 6 levels and 44 different exercises you can work out your abs, chest, back, arms, shoulders thighs and glutes.
Get the Revoflex Xtreme Resistance Workout machine and start powering up on the ultimate abs training to achieve your desired body figure.
Moving forward increasesthe tension in the assisten bidirectional power bands, generating greaterresistance and a more strenuous work out.
Moving backward slowlyreleases accumulated tension, helping you return to the original portion easilyand effortlessly.
Maximum user weight 110kg(17st 5lb).
Size: Height:13cm, Width: 41.5cm, Dimension: 14.6cm.
Weight: 0.9kg.