Plugin brings you a new way to interact with your mobile device. Tap, scroll and swipe your way through your Blog with TouchBlog, directly navigate through your articles in a more fluid and intuitive way. The plugin allows in one motion to switch the page of your blog. Just imagine how much easier to turn the pages on your tablet or mobile using the SWIPE action. You do not need to look for pagination on the page to go to the next article, simply swipe your finger(s) in a certain area of the screen and you will see the next/prev article.

You can use multiple touch motions to go to the prev/next pages. Many features can be customized in the admin menu without modifying the code of your regular theme. Just install the plugin and forget about your pagination for switching between pages. You can switch articles on your blog page or on a single page, use cyclic post swiping and one of the best feature of TouchBlog – multi-touching gestures.

Live preview you can view here

If you have any questions let me know.



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