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A Site will count high rated if Site that allows users to navigate and interact easily and quickly. Therefore In order to offer the Best Experience to the user, Sort the most important information on a place. Indeed My Account page of WooCommerce is the right place to get full control of what your users can see or download, and encourage them to complete the next purchase with tailored information.

Wocommerce “Customize Customer My account Page Plugin” allow you to Turn the default WooCommerce “My Account” pages into a full-featured, modern dashboard for customers. You will be free to add new endpoints/pages and customize the page using the text editor. You will be free to add the links and shop pages for endpoints so you can easily update customer if have added any new cms or product page on your e-store. You will create the group of endpoints that displays the subendpoints on click. This plugin also allows you to add endpoints for specific user roles. You will be free to add and manage the most suitable information, sorting them with tabs or menus. Adding and removing sections will be a child’s play.

WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Plugin - 1

Features Of Customize Customer My account Page Plugin

  • Customize the My Account page for store users
  • 3 styles: Tab, sidebar and Custom design
  • Users can change their avatar with a custom image
  • Active or Disable standard endpoints of WooCommerce
  • Create all the endpoints you want
  • Attach Links & Store Pages to End-points



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