WooCommerce my account page plugin let you customize the account page of customers and display them any important information. You can add new endpoints/pages and customize the page using the text editor. You add the links and shop pages for endpoints so you can easily update customer if have added any new cms or product page on your e-store. You can create the group of endpoints which displays the sub-endpoints on click. This plugin also allows you to add endpoints for specific user roles.

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Features of WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Plugin

  • Customize Customers’ My Account Page
  • Create New End-points Based on User Roles
  • Attach Links & Store Pages to End-points
  • WYSIWYG Editor to Customize Endpoints’ Content
  • Combine Multiple Endpoints as a Group
  • Multiple Menu Styles for Users’ Account Page
  • Use Shortcode in Editor

Add New End-Points to Users’ My Account Page

WooCommerce my account page plugin enables you to customize user account page by adding new endpoints.

WooCommerce custom Account page plugin

WYSIWYG Editor to Customize Content of End-Points

It enables WYSIWYG editor which gives you complete control over end-point’s content. You can add headings, simple text, align the text, etc. to provide the information to users.

WooCommerce custom Account page - WYSIWYG Editor

Attach Store Pages to End Points

You can also attach any page of your online store either CMS, product, or category by using WooCommerce custom my account page plugin.

WooCommerce custom Account page -Attach pages

Attach links to endpoints if you want to take your customers to any other link.

WooCommerce custom Account page - Attach link

Edit Default Endpoints

You can also edit or customize the default endpoints of users account page with custom my account page WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce custom Account page - edit default endpoints

Add New Endpoints Based on User Roles

WooCommerce customer account page plugin lets you add new tabs or endpoints based on user roles.

WooCommerce custom Account page -user roles

Multiple Layout Options for Account Menu

WooCommerce custom my account page plugin enables multiple styles and positions for the account menu.

Sidebar Left

WooCommerce custom Account page - Layouts1

Sidebar Right

WooCommerce custom Account page - Layouts2

Tab Layout

WooCommerce custom Account page - Layouts3

Enables Various Icons for Endpoints

This plugin enables various icons for endpoints, so you can choose the icons which suit best for your endpoints.

WooCommerce custom Account page -icons

Updated - Version 1.0.1
Separate Section for Short Codes
Fixed Customizer Theme Issue
Version 1.0.0
Initial Release



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