WooCommerce Private Shop | Registered Users Shop Hide your entire WooCommerce store or specific products but meanwhile keeping the rest of your site public, Perfect Solution for WooCommerce wholesale stores.

WooCommerce Private Shop | Registered Users Shop plugin was the best solution to hide the whole store/shop for non-login user not just only that but you can also hide the specific products, Admin can manually approved new registration for new user and make their status active by himself, Email on registration and approval can send to users. With Motif WooCommerce Private Shop Registered Users Only can have fully customize option for admin to make their store/shop secure.

WooCommerce Private storeWooCommerce Private storeWooCommerce Private store

Woocommerce private shop
Woocommerce private shop

WooCommerce Private Shop | Registered Users Shop plugin is fully secure and customizable you have and we have offer two plugin features in one WooCommerce Private Shop | Registered Users Shop.

  • Private Shop Plugin (Full Shop & Specific Products Hidden)
  • User Role Field (On New user registration form)

Features of WooCommerce Private Shop | Registered Users Shop

  • Easy way to make WooCommerce Store private.
    • With Full Shop/Store Hidden
    • With Specific Products Hidden
  • Password protected WooCommerce store.
  • Hide your WooCommerce store for non-login users.
  • Hide specific product for non-login users.
  • Completely hide the WooCommerce Shop.
  • Allow user to register if they not login and need to buy.
  • Registration form for non-login users.
  • Custom Registration page with full customize options.
  • Redirect all non-login user automatically for registrations.
  • Registration with user role chosen.
  • Unlock all options and restriction for login users.
  • Admin can verify user account manually.
  • Admin can verify user account automatically.
  • Admin have full privileges to set default user status.
  • Option Google to Discourage search engines from indexing this site.
  • Automatic emails send to user once register.
  • Approval emails send to user once admin can approve new users.
  • User can select his own role but admin can verify.

Restrict User to Login First if they want to Buy Something.

With WooCommerce Private Shop | Registered Users Shop you can prevent the user to login first if you need to hide the whole shop/store or if you need to hide specific product from non-login user so you can redirect thoes user to a below shown page. FULL SHOP HIDDEN

WooCommerce Private store

Allow Users to Select the User Role

If Admin can allow new user to choose their role once new user can redirect the login page and see the dropdown with all user roles.

WooCommerce Private store

Only Specific Product Hidden

Admin can allow set to specific product hidden not whole shop but some product which he need to. (Full setting options at Back Office) Some Products

WooCommerce Private store

With Fully Customize Login Page Options

Admin can change forms logos, title, hidde the user role field with options on backoffice.

WooCommerce Private store

Manually Approved the Registration

Newly user can listed on user listing page so admin can approved manually and an email send to user about account verification, Admin Can also approved automatically wtih by default approved setting option from backend.

WooCommerce Private store

Video & Image as a background

Admin can set both Video & Image as a background on Login/Registration Page

With Fully Control Settings Options

1) Advanced Settings Options

  • Private Shop Login Enable/Disable
  • Set Login Area Full/Products
  • Show/Hide User Registration Form
  • Hide/Show User Role Field
  • New User Registration Status (Pending/Approved)
  • Default User Role if not Selected from registration time
  • Login Redirect Page Selection

WooCommerce Private store

2) Login & Registration Page Settings Options

  • Login Form Title
  • SignUp Form Title
  • Background Image Upload (Login/Registeration Page)
  • Video As Background
  • Login Form logo
  • SignUp Form logo
  • Login/Signup form background opacity

WooCommerce Private store

3) Email & Google Indexes Settings Options

  • Email content on new registration
  • Email content on registration approval
  • All Private plugin to index your site via google search

WooCommerce Private store

WooCommerce Private store

Change log:

Version 1.0.6
Latest Woo & WP version check
Version 1.0.5
Compatibility check with latest WP & WooCommerce
Additional setting options added
Version 1.0.4
Security updated for login and registration form
Version updated
Version 1.0.3
Latest Woo & WP version check
Some backend check added for security
Some js fixes
Version updated
Version 1.0.2
Adding new setting options
Responsive login and signup page css fixes
Version 1.0.1
WooCommerce & WordPress latest version compatibility check
Version 1.0.0
Initial release Motif WooCommerce Private Shop | Registered Users Only



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