WooCommerce Product Page Customizer

WooCommerce Product Page Customizer is a extension or add-on plugins to facilitates the modify existing product single

page. It is best suited for who want to customize their WooCommerce Shop’s Single Product Page. You can feel awesome with lot of options and


Content Layout Switcher: To use this features, you can easilty switch content layout of Single Product Page to left or


Product Image Carousel Slider With Magnify:You can easily switch product default image tab to Carousel slider with native

magnifying image features and switch Product Carousel slider Control orientation to left, right or bottom.

Product Variations Switcher and Availability Check: To use this features, you can switch variations product option to Color,

Image and Label. It check availability of stock related to Color, Image and Label/Size.

Product Variation Table: To use this features, you can show size chart with Color and Price

Custom Tab Management: To organize default WooCommerce Tab, this feature help you a lot. Yo can add Image, Audio,

Video, Text Content and Accordion for FAQ.

Others Features: This plugin gives you freedom to hide or show Add to Cart button, Related Product Widget, Tab, Price,


WooCommerce Product Page Customizer is built with our own Plugin freamework and uses native WordPress Settings API which is highly

secured. We’re committed to future update and best support.

Plugin Features

  • Content Layout Switcher
  • Product Image Carousel Slider: Left, Right or Bottom Control Switcher. Image Magnifier and Popup Image Slider
  • Variations Product Switcher: Color, Image and Label with stock availability check
  • Variations Product Table/Size Chart
  • Custom Tab Manager with Image, Audio, Vedio, Text Content and Accordion Support
  • Catalog Mode: Hide/Show Price, Add to Cart button, Related Tab Widget, Description & Review Tab
  • Setting API used
  • Plug & Play Settings Panel
  • WPML Comaptible
  • Translation Ready .pot file

Source and Credits

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • OWL Carousel
  • Magnific Popup



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